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The fully typed Typescript mongoDB ODM

No more guesswork, no more struggling: Bridge-mongo simplifies your MongoDB queries and aggregate pipelines

Similar syntax of mongoose

Bridge-mongo's syntax is designed to be very similar to Mongoose, making it easy for developers to transition to using it. This means you can continue to use the same familiar syntax, while taking advantage of all the benefits of Bridge-mongo's fully typed ORM. With Bridge-mongo, you can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of Mongoose, while ensuring type safety and avoiding the pitfalls of dynamic typing.

Complex aggregation

With Bridge-mongo, you can easily perform complex aggregation pipelines, making it easy to query, transform, and analyze data from your MongoDB collections. This makes it an ideal choice for building data-intensive applications.

Fully typed

Bridge-mongo is written in Typescript, making it fully typed and providing better type-safety and code completion in your IDE. This ensures fewer runtime errors and makes development much more efficient.

Want to get deeper?

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