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Welcome to the bridge-mongo documentation!

About bridge-mongo

Bridge-mongo is a typed framework built on top of Mongoose, the popular MongoDB object-document mapping (ODM) library. It provides a type-safe approach to querying MongoDB databases that makes it almost impossible to write poorly constructed queries, all while using the same syntax as Mongoose.

By leveraging TypeScript, bridge-mongo offers a comfortable development experience with powerful IDE guidance while writing queries. Additionally, the results of each query are fully typed, ensuring that developers can work confidently and without fear of runtime errors.

One of the standout features of bridge-mongo is its beautifully implemented aggregate function, which solves a common pain point for developers. In Mongoose, creating big complex pipelines for the aggregate function can be a struggle, but bridge-mongo resolves this issue by providing a more user-friendly approach to aggregating data.

Errors are also handled with type objects, which makes it easier to handle errors and ensure that code is always correct. With bridge-mongo, developers can focus on building applications instead of debugging poorly typed queries.

Overall, bridge-mongo is a powerful and user-friendly MongoDB ORM that offers the benefits of type safety and fully typed query results, using the same syntax as Mongoose, and with a beautifully implemented aggregate function, allowing developers to work faster and with greater confidence.

Chat with us!

We are dedicated to creating a fantastic project that offers the best developer experience possible, and we would love for you to be a part of it! Please join our Discord Community and chat with us about your thoughts on Bridge and ask us any questions. We are always happy to have a discussion with you!

We are continually working to improve bridge-mongo and there are still some features that need to be added to the framework. If you have any specific requests or if you would like to contribute to the project, please let us know. We welcome contributions from the community and appreciate any feedback or ideas that can help us make bridge-mongo even better.